Drastik by Design is focused on providing clean, easy to administer sites generally using the Drupal framework.
Any custom development follows strict standards compliance & best practices outlined in HTML, PHP, CSS and Drupal's own extremely high level of coding standards.

When something is created from our client's ideas that can have a broader use, we urge them to further drive Drupal to the next level by contributing a piece of that work back to the Drupal community. It is this (open source) behavior that has provided some of the best technology available.


Joshua Walker

Joshua Walker (drastik)

Joshua is a multi-platform developer.
He spends most of his time working on Drupal projects, but dabbles in Android & game development.
A major fan of automation, he has taken a liking to Salt Stack and designed a 4-machine cluster environment for easily deploying Drupal sites with file & database redundancy.
Contributor to Drupal & CiviCRM projects (CiviCRM is an open source CRM that integrates seamlessly with Drupal).
He would like to break into Ubuntu or GNOME development & contributing.
He spends much of his free time in the gym training various martial arts, as well as teaching ITF Taekwondo. Avid about clean eating, he "attempts" to garden (sometimes with success), and tends a brood of backyard chickens.


Paul Swancara

Paul Swancara (pauliwoggius)

Paul is a mostly self-taught front-end specialist. After completing the freeCodeCamp multi-course training, Paul decided to dig into Drupal and server-side development.
Before web development, Paul was a successful audio engineer. He had a few commissioned works, including a title song for a cartoon, as well as a few vinyl & digital releases on various indie labels. He is a 3-time sample pack competition winner for reddit's /r/edmproduction contest.
In his free time, he still tinkers about with virtual synthesizers and guitars, and produces audio clips & sound effects for video games. He is immersing himself into the web development community and learning everything he can at break-neck speed.