Anti-scamming, yet another wonderful feature of linux

So I get a call today, caller ID shows +44 (0) 123456789,  someone telling me they are calling me from Windows support and that my Windows computer is sending network errors and she is the only one who can help me solve it.

At the cost of incurring a few more cents for the international call, I indulge her for a moment and ask:  

me:  "So, my Windows computer is sending errors that you can see?"
her:  "Yes, it is malicious problem that can damage or destroy your computer!"
me:  "Wait, I'm confused.  When I turn on my computer, it boots to linux.  Did Windows take over my linux computer!?  How do I fix it!!"
her:  *click* bzzzzzz


I thought it was pretty funny.  I googled the phone number and looks like several have had the pleasure of talking to her:

Joshua Walker