drastikbydesign.com & dbounty.com support #ResetTheNet

I have always spoken openly about my position on technical issues via Drastik by Design. We ran a banner for ending IE 6. Open support of Net Neutrality & fighting the SOPA act. Since June 4th, drastikbydesign.com is displaying the #ResetTheNet banner on its home page.

I encourage my friends and family to give Linux a try (and provide support in their attempts), or at least look into better security options for their devices.

Now, through another business I am so proud to be a part of; DBounty integrates with open-source communities to help advance our cooperative, transparent technology.

Please take the time to look into what "Reset the Net" means, and what it means to you. If you'd like to use your technology without the fear (or just downright creepiness) of being watched, this is for you.

Joshua Walker