Drupal Commerce - Send email with Name entered in Billing Info

​Stumbled across this here, shortly after I built it the same way (verifying my possible insanity):


  1. Add a condition "Entity has field" > commerce_customer_billing
  2. Add an action "Fetch entity by id":

    Entity type > Value: Commerce Customer Profile

    Identifier > Data selector: commerce-order:commerce-customer-billing:profile-id

    Provided variables
    Variable label: Customer Billing Profile
    Variable name: customer_billing_profile

  3. Add an action "Send email"
    (if you installed Mime Mail module for sending email within Rules you can choose "Send HTML e-mail" like I did)

    Use those tokens for first name and last name:

Note that it's taking the first and last name from the order itself NOT in the address book or profile.

Joshua Walker