GNOME Shell 3.8.4 on Ubuntu 13.10 = gorgeous

Darn you Ubuntu! (he says, shaking his hands in the air).

Every time an update to a critical component is released that throws a wrench in my system (like yesterday's update to X), I decide between a couple options:

  • Figure out problem, fix it.
  • Revert package version or boot to previous kernel.
  • Give up and switch to Fedora/Arch/??; however if a new verison of Ubuntu is out, I'll usually give it a go for one more shot.

So Xorg update yesterday rendered lappy unable to boot.  13.10 [Saucy] also just came out (good timing) so I went that route.  I don't use Unity or any of the other fluff, I have been using Gnome pure since Gnome 3 came out (love it or hate it).  I gotta say, this latest version is really seeing some polish.  Nothing like hitting 1 button to get a smart-text field that always finds what I need, or launches any program.  That has been there for a while, but now I get nice little thumbnails with files too.

Imagine a scenario:  You get lots of mockups / images / PDFs / PSDs sent to you for projects and sure, you have a neat organized folder structure like projects/NAME/mockups etc, but really -- how much do you enjoy opening a file/folder explorer (nautilus) to dig that stuff out?  Now, 1 key: Super (the *cough* Windows start key) and you get your quick "whatcha-up-to" snapshot w/ the smart text field.  Type a bit of a file name and results start populating even w/ a thumbnail of the files.  This new version also shows apps & files simultaneously while having a nice visual separation.

Keep it up Gnome!  Best GUI in town.

Joshua Walker