New Drupal module - Responsive Menus

I am excited about this one.  I've had 2 recent projects where the site should respond to device size and obviously a critical element to consider is your navigation.

Without seeing a module to handle responsive menus in Drupal, I came up with what I think is a pretty neat way of handling this:  using CSS selectors to choose which menus to 'responsify'.  I considered something similar to the Menu Block module, where you can choose responsive options on a menu's block settings, but I thought this would have many more applications (affect more than menus in a Drupal block!).

I emphasize module above because there are some Drupal themes with responsive menus, but not a module, usable in any theme.

Currently there is 1 'style' of responsive menu, but as the need arises, I will add more styles and/or ability to include 3rd party responsive menu plugins (MeanMenu, etc).  Also plans to add config options on Drupal menu edit pages.  I hope this becomes 'the module' for mobile friendly menus in Drupal.

Try out the demo!

Joshua Walker