Responsive Menus new release 7.x-1.4, Sidr, codrops, improvements

This is a huge update I've been really excited about.  2 new styles (Sidr, codrops' Multi) are now in the official branch.  Many updates that had only been in the -dev branch.

Information about which selector to use per style.
Ability to circumvent jquery_update module need if you want to provide your own.
Accuracy & performance increase on window width check (as if it were slow pffffff).

Go update!  (full release log on d.o)

The release log:

Clear Context's plugin cache on enable (prevented RM reaction from showing until caches were cleared).

Performed much needed update to 'Simple' style.
CSS updates that should help keep it from looking like crap in certain themes.
JS updates to recursively remove classes from elements with setting.

Update to responsive_menus.api.php
--Added information about hook_responsive_menus_styles_alter().
--Very thorough information about options.
--Includes 2 very different examples of usage.

Issue #2145933: Screen width to respond to is not working properly by akashjain132
All styles updated to use document.documentElement.clientWidth by default for determining screen width. (highest performance & accuracy).

Issue #2142443: Set module defaults to Bartik theme's menu selectors by ridgek_lives
All styles default to #main-menu selector (for out-of-the-box testing).
--It should be known that Bartik is NOT a responsive theme, and if you shrink window, width is preserved so it has a horizontal scrollbar. Even still, updates were made to 'Simple' style to ensure it matches screen width of Bartik for looky-loos.
--This change will effect any 'non-responsive' theme. Using 'Simple' style RM will add a viewport meta, and match menu width to the current width of the screen.
--Yes, this is stupid, but required for vanilla Drupal site testing w/ RM.

Issue #2136027: CoDrops style menu. Make parent menu item selectable by thridda
Issue #2093531: Sidr support? by Media Crumb
Issue #2075891: Additional styles like Responsive Multi-Level Menu and Sidr by JohnnyX
Issue #2113433: Use Responsive Menus without jQ-update dependency by memoo
Issue #2064801: Odd error by drastik | pixelz.gmd

Updated README.txt

Joshua Walker