Responsive Menus version 7.x-1.3 is out!

This was a big release worth mentioning.  Most notable, the addition of Mean Menu style & Context module integration that has been living in -dev for weeks now.

Release Notes:

Added hook_responsive_menus_style_info() to declare new styles.

Params when declaring:
name        : Name displayed when choosing style.
form        : Drupal FAPI callback for admin form.
js_folder   : Folder to include any .js files from.
css_folder  : Folder to include any .css files from.
js_files    : Array of individual JS files to include.
css_files   : Array of individual CSS files to include.
js_settings : Function to generate settings to pass to JS.
  • Included style: 'responsive_menus_simple_style' now has option to configure text on toggler.
  • Add option for simple style to use absolute positioning.
  • Add responsive_menus.api.php to show easy plugin integration.
  • Added MeanMenu style!
  • Moved Simple style into new styles directory along with Mean Menu.
  • Issue [#2059081] by pjcdawkins: Fixed AJAX calls sometimes duplicate the menu (Mean Menus).
  • Fix issue with Omega 4 (and other themes that may use * { box-sizing: border-box; }
  • Remove console.log('Been clicked'); from Mean Menu's own js.
  • Context module integration!
  • Ability to have multiple rule sets defined (using context).
  • Fix window.resize function bound more than once on ajax in simple style.
  • Fix simple style's JS to handle multiple screen-width & absolute rules per iteration (context reaction).
  • Slight performance optimization for 'simple' style.
  • Handle even more legacy browsers with 'simple' style.
  • Added 2 new options to Simple style:
    1. Remove all other mouse events on menu.
    2. Remove other classes / ids (when responded).