Switching Drupal install profiles (De-profiling)

If you have the ability to in your situation, you first want Drupal stable and happy.  That means it operates normally under it's current profile.

  • Copy contents of profiles/profile_name/modules  and  themes folders to  sites/all
    • cp profiles/example/modules sites/all/ -R
    • cp profiles/example/themes sites/all -R
  • Clear all caches
    • drush cc all
    • If this fails, try using tihs wonderful tool Registry Rebuild:  http://drupal.org/project/registry_rebuild  - it's easiest with drush:
      • drush dl registry_rebuild    (don't worry about enabling, it's not actually a Drupal module)
      • drush rr
  • Change variable 'install_profile' to your new one.
    • drush vset install_profile standard        (using standard as an example profile name)
  • Clear caches again and check status report, you should be on your new install profile!  This is mainly meant for migrating from a custom profile to a Drupal core provided.  Many things are done on site install when using custom install profiles and those operations would not be ran using these methods.


Things to look for if you have any issues:

  • Double check the system table, if you have a tool like PHPMyAdmin, search the filename column for the text (name) of your old install profile.  The module paths should point to sites/all/modules now instead of profiles/example/modules.
  • In some rare cases, certain theme-related modules like Skinr have lost settings.  All I had to do to fix was enable and set default a different theme, disable my actual desired theme, then enable & set default my desired theme again and disable the temporary one I used.
Joshua Walker