Rock Lobby

This site really shows how Drupal can rock (no pun intended).  The content is fetched from the iPhone app 'Rock Lobby', built into Drupal entities, and indexed with Apache Solr.

Through this project, we were able to contribute 2 modules to, and make massive improvements to 2 other community modules.  The map search, is loosely based on the search_api_location project, using their spatial data schema for Solr (yeah the map results are from Solr!), and some of their JS that interacts with google geocoding service.  I took those elements, and built a Views exposed filter out of it to filter an Open Layers map view.

It uses ctools modals, and a forked version of the ctools_automodal to provide the popups when you click on content (reviews / venues / etc).

We contributed the jQuery Raty Widgets and Feeds HTTPFetcher AA through this project which had already been downloaded and used by others over 100 times just a month after release!

A great looking site with community-minded leadership behind it and lots of awesome features, it was a wonderful opportunity to make Rock Lobby.

(The site is not officially live yet, where it will live @ and probably have some final polish on it).  Check it out and download the iPhone app 'Rock Lobby'!  You can find local shows, reviews of artists & venues, or leave your own review.