New Drupal module: Bootstrap Modal Messages

Transform Drupal messages into Bootstrap Modals!  

Targets via selector, defaults to Drupal's messages (.messages), it can be changed so you can detach any element(s) from DOM & place in modal.
Configure the header & footer.  Group all message types in 1 modal, or split apart in multiple.  Option for a "controls div" that is simply a button to re-display the modal.

So much fun is had.

Simultaneous front-end & back-end development with Bootstrap

Are you a Drupal developer living in the Denver, CO area and have thought, "Boy, I wish I could create the front end (or at least the structure), while creating the back-end or adding content."?

Now we can! 

(well, better at least)

Join me today at Open Media where we'll be talking about using the Bootstrap responsive framework in Drupal, along with a couple helper modules to make your dreams come true.