Simultaneous front-end & back-end development with Bootstrap

Are you a Drupal developer living in the Denver, CO area and have thought, "Boy, I wish I could create the front end (or at least the structure), while creating the back-end or adding content."?

Now we can! 

(well, better at least)

Join me today at Open Media where we'll be talking about using the Bootstrap responsive framework in Drupal, along with a couple helper modules to make your dreams come true.


New Drupal module: ResponsiveSlides

Going to keep this short because I'm late for dinner :)

ResponsiveSlides is an awesome super-lightweight responsive slider plugin:  http://responsiveslides.com/
Now it has a Drupal module:  https://drupal.org/project/responsiveslides
Demo: http://drastikbydesign.com/demo/responsiveslides-demo

Responsive Menus new release 7.x-1.4, Sidr, codrops, improvements

This is a huge update I've been really excited about.  2 new styles (Sidr, codrops' Multi) are now in the official branch.  Many updates that had only been in the -dev branch.

Information about which selector to use per style.
Ability to circumvent jquery_update module need if you want to provide your own.
Accuracy & performance increase on window width check (as if it were slow pffffff).

Go update!  https://drupal.org/node/2151023  (full release log on d.o)

The release log:

Clear Context's plugin cache on enable (prevented RM reaction from showing until caches were cleared).

Responsive Menus update adds Sidr support and more!

Updates included:

  • Sidr added! www.berriart.com/sidr/
  • New message above a style's settings indicating which selector should be used (typically ul or parent of ul).
  • Made it possible to circumvent jquery_update requirement by selecting "I will provide my own jQuery library." on the settings page.

Still currently in the -dev branch.  Responsive Menus 7.x-1.4 will be out once Sidr has been tested more (& new version of Sidr or to determine if there is a way to get 1.2.1 working in Chrome or if it's a problem w/ RM's code).


Next style for Responsive Menus coming soon from @codrops

I am excited for this style to join the Responsive Menus module.

Might have to work on the name "Responsive Multi-Level Menu".  I think we'll call it 'codrops multi' in Drupal.

Here is a link to the demo: