drupal 7

New Drupal module: Bootstrap Modal Messages

Transform Drupal messages into Bootstrap Modals!  

Targets via selector, defaults to Drupal's messages (.messages), it can be changed so you can detach any element(s) from DOM & place in modal.
Configure the header & footer.  Group all message types in 1 modal, or split apart in multiple.  Option for a "controls div" that is simply a button to re-display the modal.

So much fun is had.  https://drupal.org/project/bootstrap_modal_messages

Drupal Commerce - Send email with Name entered in Billing Info

​Stumbled across this here, shortly after I built it the same way (verifying my possible insanity):


  1. Add a condition "Entity has field" > commerce_customer_billing
  2. Add an action "Fetch entity by id":

    Entity type > Value: Commerce Customer Profile

    Identifier > Data selector: commerce-order:commerce-customer-billing:profile-id

    Provided variables
    Variable label: Customer Billing Profile
    Variable name: customer_billing_profile

  3. Add an action "Send email"
    (if you installed Mime Mail module for sending email within Rules you can choose "Send HTML e-mail" like I did)

Programatically saving a field collection containing taxonomy terms

There is plenty of information on how to save a field collection (D7) in code, but nothing about collections containing taxonomy terms.  It requires a slightly different array structure (including 2 'value' fields instead of 1).
It seems silly that it needs the $term object AND the $term->tid both passed to it since tid is in the $term object but aren't we all fond of the silly?