Responsive Menus

Responsive Menus new release 7.x-1.4, Sidr, codrops, improvements

This is a huge update I've been really excited about.  2 new styles (Sidr, codrops' Multi) are now in the official branch.  Many updates that had only been in the -dev branch.

Information about which selector to use per style.
Ability to circumvent jquery_update module need if you want to provide your own.
Accuracy & performance increase on window width check (as if it were slow pffffff).

Go update!  (full release log on d.o)

The release log:

Clear Context's plugin cache on enable (prevented RM reaction from showing until caches were cleared).

Responsive Menus update adds Sidr support and more!

Updates included:

  • Sidr added!
  • New message above a style's settings indicating which selector should be used (typically ul or parent of ul).
  • Made it possible to circumvent jquery_update requirement by selecting "I will provide my own jQuery library." on the settings page.

Still currently in the -dev branch.  Responsive Menus 7.x-1.4 will be out once Sidr has been tested more (& new version of Sidr or to determine if there is a way to get 1.2.1 working in Chrome or if it's a problem w/ RM's code).

Next style for Responsive Menus coming soon from @codrops

I am excited for this style to join the Responsive Menus module.

Might have to work on the name "Responsive Multi-Level Menu".  I think we'll call it 'codrops multi' in Drupal.

Here is a link to the demo:

Context integration with Responsive Menus module

With Responsive Menus's ability to apply to any DOM element, I almost wish I had named it something else.  Then again, I can't thing of a good accurate name for that.. "Responsive Stuff", no "Responsive Elements", no "Responsive Anything"?

The overal intention was for menus but it's pretty cool to have sidebars & other elements collapse on mobile devices.  Now enter Context... Specify different settings, styles, & other reaction rules per all of the conditions the Context module provides?   Pffshhh wack.